The number of names in the .ru zone has decreased dramatically

Current year in RuNet not pass unnoticed. At this time the Russian segment of the Internet was faced with a rapidly decreasing volume of domain names in the national zone .ru. This is a rather strange phenomenon. After all, the last few years this space has demonstrated exceptional growth, and, in a geometrical progression.

Why did it happen that the number of names in .ru began to decline, analysts have tried to understand. In their opinion, the main reason for this trend is the registration of new domain zones, which have recently sprung up in RuNet incredibly much. Such a phenomenon allows web-masters choose what online space, which is implemented in a segment of their internet business. For example, there is a zone-oriented entertainment, food industry, alcohol business, the gaming industry and so on.

There is another opinion on the bill. It argues that the reduction of domain names in .ru – the first national Runet zone, occurs not only because of the great competition, but also because of the worsening of the requirements of search engines, including Yandex.

In the period from March to September, ie. E., For the past six months, the number of names in the .ru zone decreased by 22 000 units. Such statistics have led experts Coordination Center for TLD RU – KC. The head of the organization A. Kolesnikov argues that reducing the number of names in the .ru zone is due to the crisis observed in the Russian economy. All this aggravates a lot of competition between the bands, which have recently sprung up in RuNet a huge amount.

A similar situation is observed not only in the Russian segment of the Internet, but also in France, Germany, Italy and other EU countries. All the fault of the global financial crisis, which for some reason, the leaders of major countries of the world prefer to remain silent.

A similar situation involves reducing the size of domain zones in RuNet, even such popular as .ru, there will be a few more years. Then everything will be back to square one. As soon as the domestic business will survive the crisis, so he begins to acquire own web-projects, including in the zone .ru. To date, only a fifth of Russian companies can boast the presence of its own website.

KC Statistics indicates 5,000,000th number of domain names in .ru, which is 5-6 times greater than the number of names registered in another national online space – .rf.

Nevertheless, the number of domain zones is constantly growing. Thus, in September in RuNet started another project – a new domain zone “.rus.” The project focuses on the Russian-speaking user, inhabiting different parts of the world. Open the zone decided to abandon the writing of Russian names in Latin.

The first step in the area will begin to record the names of trade brands and corporate companies. In the second stage, register your site in the online space can all comers.