Registration starts at the new national area .BEL will take place in the fourth quarter of 2014

Already in December 2014 will be held on the Internet release of the new Cyrillic domain zone – .BEL. Consequently, the register names here will be later this year. The corresponding statement was made by representatives of the administration of the other national Internet zone of the Republic of Belarus – .by – UE “Reliable program.”

There is no information on the exact date of the premiere of the Russian-speaking area of the upper level .BEL.

The fact that the opening of the second in the national Internet space RB still takes place, it became apparent after the international regulator of domain zones, ICANN has approved the corresponding application. Internet space will support the Russian and Belarusian alphabets. Therefore, in the name of the site can be used such letters Belarusian alphabet as “i” and “ยข”.

To .BEL area was officially launched one the permission of ICANN is not enough. This event requires a number of other additional procedures.

Based on the statements made regarding planned for late 2014 release of the second-order national domain space of the Republic of Belarus, we can conclude that the remaining processes to conduct the administration of the zone is completely ready.

The head of the technical administration of the Internet space and .BY .BEL S. Povalishev reported that the opening of the second national domain zone for Belarus plays a great value. This is the first step towards the development of the Belarusian segment of the World Wide Web. In this Povalishev notes that at the expense of the intention to create additional space Cyrillic previously expressed a sufficiently large number of negative opinions.

“Alternative national domain .BY not only necessary, but also important. It will expand the range of Belarusian users, as well as provide a better chance of local enterprises to acquire the site in the Belarusian Internet space, “- said the head of the technical administration of the first Belarusian domain .BY.

Before starting the registration of new names in the .BEL will be held prior to the event receive applications from those who want to register a site in the Internet space