77% of Internet companies prefer to register their sites in the domain zone .com

According to studies, the majority of Russian companies, including small and medium-sized businesses prefer to place their online resources in the domain zone .COM. Appropriate conclusions made by experts consulting company SCORE and research company VeriSign.

The main objective of the analysis was to identify the relationship called small- and medium-sized businesses to the top-level domains, including .com zone and is.

The study revealed that the majority of consumers prefer domain names to register their sites in the famous area .COM, not the newly registered top-level areas.

Zone .COM prefers 77% of respondents.

The main part of the .com domain users (80%) believe that the registration of domain names in the new zones introduces consumers of their products / services to the misconception that the negative impact on the profitability of enterprises. A similar opinion is shared by other Internet users.

Also as part of the research analysts have concluded that about 70% of small and medium-sized businesses that use .com domain, prefer long domain names. At the same time some of them would gladly have made a return for a short domain in the new zone gTLD.

In a survey of Internet users, it was found that more than 90% consider visiting sites in the zone .COM completely safe. Therefore it is not surprising that companies prefer registration site in the domain space.

33% of Internet users believe suspicious web-sites, registered in the little-known domain zones.

How accurate are the results of the study, it is difficult to say, since the authors, publishing them, forgot to specify the number of respondents, as well as the duration of the experiment and the method of calculation.